I. commercial com‧mer‧cial 1 [kəˈmɜːʆl ǁ -ɜːr-] adjective
1. COMMERCE relating to business and the buying and selling of goods and services:

• Oran is a large commercial city on the coast.

• protests against commercial development on green field sites

2. [only before a noun] COMMERCE relating to the ability of a product or business to make a profit:

• We do not want to see ivory having a commercial value.

• The invention enjoyed great commercial success.

3. [only before a noun] COMMERCE a commercial product is one that is produced in large quantities and sold to the public:

• All commercial milk is pasteurized.

• a large commercial fish farm

4. COMMERCE commercial port/​airline/​flight etc a port etc that provides a service for the general public to use and is run to make a profit:

• This aircraft was the first Boeing 727 to carry fare-paying passengers on a commercial flight.

5. COMMERCE commercial radio/​TV/​channel etc radio and television broadcasts that are produced by companies that earn money through advertising, rather than ones owned by the state:

• It has become the most popular commercial radio station in Britain.

6. more concerned with money than with quality:

• The record company tried to make me write songs that were very commercial.

  [m0] II. commercial commercial 2 noun [countable]
1. MARKETING an advertisement on television or radio, or at the cinema:

• She's appeared in a coffee commercial.

• a commercial for a brand of aftershave

• The campaigns were designed to run as television or cinema commercials.

2. commercials [plural] FINANCE shares in companies that produce and sell consumer goods, rather than companies involved in industrial processes

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commercial UK US /kəˈmɜːʃəl/ adjective COMMERCE
relating to businesses and their activities: »

Planning issues continue to stall the company's proposed commercial development.


commercial sales/services/transactions etc.

used to describe a product or service that can be bought by the public: »

The airport handles 663 commercial flights a day.

[before noun] for making a profit or relating to making a profit: »

The business was never intended to be a commercial enterprise.

commercial success/value »

Some traditional producers are finally enjoying commercial success.

[before noun] used to describe radio or television that is paid for by the advertisements it broadcasts: »

The commission, which licenses and regulates commercial TV, ordered the ad off air.

DISAPPROVING used to describe a product, especially a record, film, or book, which is made to make a profit rather than be of a high artistic quality: »

Their music is a little too commercial for me.

commercial UK US /kəˈmɜːʃəl/ noun [C]
MARKETING an advertisement that is broadcast on television or radio: »

American manufacturers have produced a series of TV commercials highlighting manufacturing successes.

commercials — Cf. commercials

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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